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Emma Pyle Florist Scotland

World Wanderer

Accidental Seafarer

Daydream Believer

Em x

Emma Pyle Phoenix Rose Florals
Emma Pyle Florist Scotland

I was born in South Africa, and its amazing flora and fauna formed a huge part of my childhood – I was always to be found up trees and among flowers. When I was younger, I wasn’t much of a planner, preferring instead to be spontaneous, follow my heart and see what the world had to offer.  And it turned out that for most of my twenties, what the world had to offer was life on the open ocean, working on board a fleet of super yachts! I got to visit some incredible places and meet some fascinating people (including my wonderful husband Chris), but it was one summer docking in St Tropez that proved to be the game changer for me.


I’d been asked to go to a local florist and pick up some arrangements to decorate the yacht for an event. I walked along the cobbled streets and into the sunlit shop full of colour and perfumed petals, and I didn’t want to leave! I can’t explain it – it was a real epiphany for me, and the only time I’ve ever felt quite so certain about something. All of a sudden, I knew that floristry was my future. After years of seeing where the road (or the sea) would take me, having a sense of purpose and destiny was total magic!


Fast forward several years, through floristry qualifications in London, settling in our little Scottish haven on the coast and the wedding of my dreams to my favourite person on the planet, and here I am – turning my lust for life and passion for petals into fantastically wild, courageously bold floral designs for awesome folks like you.

Emma Pyle Florist Phoenix Rose Florals

Hey There

I’m Emma, and I’m in love with flowers. In lots of ways, that’s all you need to know about me – there is nothing in the world that’s guaranteed to make me feel alive and full of smiles in quite the same way that making floral works of art does.


That’s the nutshell version. But if you’d like to know more, grab a cuppa and settle in.

Emma Pyle Florist Scotland

Some of my loves...

OK, here comes a round up of a few of my favourite things. If any of these have you grinning or nodding along with me, then cheers to you, I think we’re going to get along great.


Swimming in the sea | the first coffee of the day | making a giant breakfast feast for friends | jamming to Fleetwood Mac in my kitchen | Practical Magic – any time of the year | cooking over an open fire, South African braai style | just the right number of cocktails to get me onto the dance floor | the feeling you get at a festival when you realise the sun is starting to come up and you haven’t been to bed yet.

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