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Phoenix Rose FAQ's

  • How far in advance should we book you?
    I usually get booked up quite far in advance, so I recommend booking in a consultation as soon as a year in advance or 2 to get the flower ball rolling!
  • How would we budget for flowers and how do you quote for them?
    Budgeting for flowers when you have no idea of the prices can be very stressful. Don’t worry that’s my job. I do have a minimum spend of £1500 and my couples can spend anything between £2500 and £5000. Flowers are expensive and the service and hours that comes with it is a lot more than one realises, but I will work with you and your budget to style your wedding in the most beneficial and magical way possible!
  • How do you quote for the flowers and what is included?
    Each wedding and venue is different, and each couple has unique desires. The consultations, designing, ordering, pricing, travel cost, hiring specific vases or installation pieces, creating and then delivering and packing down are all things to consider when creating the quote.
  • I would like a specific flower; will you be able to source it for me?
    I will try my absolute best to source a particular flower but as I do like to work with the seasons, it may be hard to order in a flower that is not in season. I will recommend flowers that have the same look and feel to them as substitutes and maybe you will even fall inlove all over again?
  • What happens to our flowers after the wedding?
    That is totally up to each couple. You can either keep them and give them away to your guests and if you choose that option, we can chat over ways of making that an easy process for you at the end of the night or you can give them way to others that would love and appreciate them, Nursing homes, old age homes… I can sort this for you.
  • Do you do more than 1 wedding a day?
    Not at all. Your wedding will be my main focus. As each wedding requires a lot of work and styling, I like to be in the moment that day putting it all together making sure that every last petal and stem are perfectly placed.
  • Can you replicate a design from Pinterest?
    Unfortunately, I cannot. I will certainly get ideas and inspiration from your Pinterest saves but as I am a creator my flair and style is completely different to those on line which makes my service even that more special, as your flowers will be totally unique and designed especially for you!
Emma Pyle Whimsical Wedding Florist Scotland
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